Social Media Management

Concrete Understanding behind the inner working of social media outlets such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc

Data Analytics

Deeply skilled
 in the realm of extracting data through sources like Google Analytics, and analyzing what it really says

Website Creation

Utilizing experience through platforms like
Shopify and WordPress to accomplish various goals

SEO and Paid Google Search

In depth understanding  search engine optimization (SEO) and expert knowledge of Google Ads

About Me

A marketer with 10 years of experience

From music and real estate to video games and entertainment, I have experience with many types of industries and scenario

What is the nature of social media?

The nature of social media is understanding exactly who your audience is. Being able to figure out exactly who your audience is, and describe what a single customer does over the course of a single day


Glo Navy Esports Website

Science Magazine Website

Indelible Learning Education and Video Game Website

Social Media Projects

The various social media channels I have worked with

Follower Engagement and Strategy

Designed strategy that encourages user conversions in the desired outs. From brand engagement, to email sign up, to merch

Kurzgesagt User Outreach

Designing strategy to aid science based channel in designing multi-national outreach strategy

Artist Campaign Management

Managed the day to day marketing of a local artist through working with a record label

Campaign Marketing

Managed the marketing for various artists under the Blacksmith label