Recent Work Samples

Kia FIFA World Cup

Kia EV9 Reveal

Kia motors / razorfish

Campaign Management / Social Media Strategy

Throughout my time at Razorfish, the largest bandwidth focus was on their Kia Motors Worldwide account. Responsibilities included: overseeing social campaign and strategies, crafting presentations and reports, conducting audience analysis to detail potential areas of concern, and highlighting  potential opportunities for audience outreach. 

  • Strategic Reporting

    Building out weekly performance reports targeting social account performance, campaign performance, monthly performance reports, seasonal audience opportunities reports, audience sentiment reports, Quarterly reports, Annual Governance audits, and more!

  • Project/Campaign Management

    Overseeing campaign and project progress including: coordinating departmental efforts to ensure creative asset delivery, highlighting potential pain points, overseeing and scheduling social content post client approval, conducting mid-campaign audits to ensure that the campaign progressing towards hitting KPI's.

  • Mass Social Media / Community Management

    Coordinating team efforts to oversee management of social accounts and engage with the general audience. Tracking comments and eliminating comments that violates band guidelines and ToS.

General Freelancing

Varied Projects

A conclusive summary of the different types of projects that I have participated in as a freelancer.

Web Development

As a full stack web developer, I have developed and maintained a variety of website. Everything from designing website front pages, to altering domain destination has been part of a project that I have worked on.

SEO Optimization

SEO is one of the most crucial aspects of both website development and digital marketing overall. Optimizing campaigns can spell the difference between a successful campaign, and a flop.

Social Media Management

Being a social media strategist, social media management has become part of my foundational toolset. Operating social pages from a few hundred follows, to pages in the million, all with the goal of maintaining quality conversions and engagements.

Data Analysis

A crucial aspect of marketing and web development is being able to absorb, compile, and analyze data gathered from said campaigns / projects. The ability to read and present data helps detail the objective results from the campaign.

Digital Marketing

Social media isn't the only type of digital marketing that I have engaged in, I have also engaged in email , search, affiliate, and website marketing. All of them intermingled to ensure campaign success.

Careismatic Brands

Social Media Management

At Careismatic Brands, I operated under the subsidiary allheart as their first social media hire in two years. The overall responsiblities included: developing the social media playbook, develop social campaigns 

Social Playbook Development

Developing a playbook for the company to engage in social media activities. Everything from ideal copy styles, to content development rubrics that follows company branding guidelines.

Social Engagement

Rebuilding social media engagement and audience growth from negative growth to positive growth, as well as encouraging audience interaction.

Campaign Execution

Coordinating with vendors and other departments to ensure that company campaigns are executed properly and have achieved acceptable KPI metrics.

Wesbite Development

Website Design Samples

Here are a few samples of websites that I have designed and built from the ground up, along with links to view them. 

Jitterbug Solutions

Indelible Learning

Biz Made Ez


Social Media Management

Social Media Channels Managed

Here are a few samples of websites that I have designed and built from the ground up, along with links to view them. 


Kia Worldwide

Managed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter/X

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


Managed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch

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